A few words from my clients

“Working with Liz has been a huge success!  Emotional eating and not feeling like I was living in “right-sized” body drew me to Liz.  These issues were painful and standing in the way of my dream of having a fun, active life with a loving, romantic partner. It took courage to take this on but I am delighted to say that with the amazing presence and the tools Liz brings to the process I am now lighter on the scale and infinitely lighter in spirit.  I have found love and am having the time of my life!  We continue sessions now and again as the journey continues so I can bring in and hold even more joy than I thought possible.”
CC, age 59 Madison, Wisconsin

“I found out the hard way that even a trusty, steady horse will turn into a maniacal bucking bronco when it gets stung by a bee while on a ride. I was injured enough by the fall that I could barely walk into the emergency room, and doctors were concerned that I had broken my hip or my back. My pain levels were so high that my blood pressure was a full 50 points higher than normal in the ER. I was fortunate that nothing was broken, but it became clear that the original injury was having major ripple effects, and the pain was steadily increasing.

The injury made it completely impossible for me to get any sort of physical bodywork done to ease my discomfort; energy work was the only viable alternative for heading off a prolonged healing period. Liz agreed to help, and I am very happy to say that with her substantial assistance, I have gone from being completely incapacitated to needing a cane only for extended standing or walking, all within the space of 10 days. This is an injury that the doctors felt would be giving me significant trouble for weeks, if not months, and while I am not 100% better after 10 days, I did not require any pain medication at all after the first two nights, and I am moving well enough to accomplish most of my regular activities.

The injury did not only have physical consequences; it inevitably disrupted the bonds of trust I have with my horse. Liz paid attention to the emotional disruption as well, and through her energy work, made it much easier for me to avoid internalizing and hanging on to fear and mistrust. I’m looking forward to getting back on my horse soon!”

-Lori H-WNorthampton, Massachusetts

“I met with you in early December, and you used EFT to help alleviate my chronic aura migraines. After my session with you, I didn’t have another for three months, and I’m convinced it was the EFT work with you that made the difference. Thank you.”

-Rebecca BSun Prairie, Wisconsin

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for your wonderful work with me over the past couple years. Although I had confidence that I would feel benefit from a session with you, the experiences have far exceeded my expectations.

First, you exude a lovely blend of professionalism and nurturing that I’ve never experienced in the spiritual healing realm. You instantly won my confidence, while still wrapping me in a blanket of safety, warmth and comfort—and that’s a blend I find rare in any service provider. I knew at that moment I would have a long-term healing relationship with you, and after many sessions, my belief has never wavered.

It surprised me that I’ve learned so much about myself, uncovered with your wise and thoughtful insight. You manage to share truths – even painful ones if they’re essential for my wellness – with kind and loving words, as well as supportive healing.

I also appreciate that you are so well-versed in a variety of healing practices. You are no one-trick pony. Different situations require different healing methods and I’m happy to say I’ve been able to experience many of them from you with terrific results. Whether I’m feeling blue for no reason, struggling through a life obstacle or feeling unwell thanks to biology, you’ve always found the right solution for healing that provides relief, sometimes total and immediate.

I’ll never forget the time I had a healing session on one matter and, without any prompting from me, you noticed a pain in my elbow that I’d been trying to ignore for weeks. You identified the root causes for both issues and relieved the pain. On a recent occasion, you were my last resort for a migraine that was much worse than usual. It was time for either a healing or an ambulance! Very quickly, you relieved the worst of the pain, then worked with me for a bit longer to stave off all but the smallest twinges. A long nap later, I felt better than I did before the headache started.

I also have to mention that when I’m going through a rough time, you relieve my anxiety, depression or anger during our session, but also give me a solution to keep working on those feelings and take action to drive them out of my life. I’m the happiest, most content I’ve been in years in my career, my marriage, my relationships with friends and family and with my own growth.

There’s no one I trust as much as you for healing. I appreciate your spirit guides, intuition and other resources. Not only do you have a wealth of information and experience, but I admire your dedication to continually educating yourself about a profession in which you already excel –and doing so with such focus, only seeking out teachers with integrity and proven track records.

Thank you, thank you for all you’ve done to improve my health, wellbeing and clarity about where I’m going in this life.”

-Lisa MMadison, Wisconsin

“I am feeling so much better. Before our session, painful sensations were all over my right side, and since the session, they are much improved. I also feel more myself today for the first time in a long time with hopes of my true self coming back even more.

I love that with the energy healing you do, you give more than just the relaxing, peaceful time on the table. Besides the alleviation of pain, the self-care tips you gave me were amazing and a life saver (leg saver!) I had reached the point where my upper leg and hip hurt so bad, I could hardly get up and down or walk very well. Now I can get up and down without such pain!! Just getting around is easier and better. I am so thankful for your healing, information, and help.”

-Jo JGuymon, Oklahoma

“Systematic and violent spousal abuse led to extreme pain in my right shoulder and lower arm, including my elbow—with pain so severe I sometimes need a sling, as any weight pulling down on it will have me in tears. I also suffer from extreme PTSD and night terrors, also a result of the spousal abuse. In addition I have extreme cramping and locking in place of my lower legs, with severe swelling and blood pooling, causing my legs to look almost black. I have had my legs cramp and lock up so quickly I have actually fallen and split my chin and lip open hitting the floor.

All of the above symptoms and pain have been greatly reduced by Liz’s long-distance healing sessions. My own doctor (M.D.) has not yet been able to determine the cause nor alleviate the pain to the extent or in the way Liz’s healing has.

I can contact her with complaints of shoulder or leg pains or PTSD causing me great distress, and I can actually feel when she is working on me. The pain eases, and my mind calms significantly after our sessions.

I was NOT a believer that anything like “energy healing”—and especially from a distance—could possibly help relieve the kind of pain I suffer. After personally experiencing the effects, I am a believer.

I have been taking 8 mg of Prazosin a night for night terrors that follow me into the daylight hours and that for 16 years I couldn’t get away from. Although the drugs are helpful, I am now only taking 4 mg (with my doctor’s approval) as the healing techniques Liz taught me to do for myself help me clear my mind and have worked so well, I no longer have to fear going to sleep.

As long as Liz’s “long distance healing” exists—and I am here to tell you it absolutely does and it works!—I will be partaking!!!!”

-Janis PSan Antonio, Texas

“Thank you for taking time to talk to me yesterday and do your energy work. You were so welcoming and immediately made me feel at ease.  It was a wonderful experience starting from the beautiful view of the lake to your front door to the nice kiss good-bye from your dog Emma.

I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me to understand my concerns.  You made me feel like I was talking to an old friend.  You are a great listener and quickly knew the best healing approach.  The EFT session was very powerful, and you taught me how to tap my way to thinking differently and feeling better.  And the energy healing session was SO relaxing.  You tuned into my body and spent time on those areas that needed it the most, and you gave me thoughtful feedback after the session ended.

It was an awesome experience.”

-Kara LMcFarland, Wisconsin

“I was vacationing in Cancun Mexico and I fainted. As I became conscious I was put in a wheelchair & an ambulance was called. Liz came to me & asked if she could touch me and use her healing arts. I agreed. Within minutes I started to feel a little better. Liz was able to tell me I was dehydrated & got me some pedialyte to drink. I continued to feel better and was transported to the hospital. Liz and her husband Scott accompanied me to the hospital. I received lab tests, ct scan and IV fluids. After several hours it was determined that I was indeed dehydrated and discharged from the hospital. Having Liz work her healing arts with me made me feel better internally and helped me return to my normal physical equilibrium. She was wonderfully helpful during a crisis physical situation.”

-Theo F