Matrix Reimprinting

matrix reimprintingMatrix Reimprinting (MR), an off-shoot and advanced form of EFT,  is a technique that draws on the notion of the quantum field or Matrix and through that, allows clients to connect with and “re-wire” troubling events, reoccurring memories, or limiting beliefs that may be keeping them stuck or interfere with life as they want to live it. The four qualities of traumatizing events are that they are unexpected, they are dramatic, they leave the individual feeling isolated, and without adequate internal or external resources to cope. MR allows the client to transform those events, and essentially remove the isolation experienced at that time while resourcing that earlier self with what was needed.

Certification through the Emotional Freedom Techniques & Matrix Reimprinting Academy included the following requirements:

  • Meeting pre-requisites for attendance, including EFT competence
  • Attending a minimum of two two-day training workshops

Passing a comprehensive exam with a score of 80% or better