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Healed vs. Cured

Energy healing and touch therapy are gaining credence in scientific studies and Western medicine, with more than 60 U.S. hospitals offering Reiki as part of patient services and 800 offering Reiki education. Yet what comes to mind for some at the suggestion of energy healing are the questionable results of a wild-eyed evangelist laying on hands and braying, “Be healed!”.

As an energy healer who uses various methodologies (Reiki, shamanic practices, and EFT among others), I am often asked what potential clients should expect of their sessions. Is it a cure-all for seemingly incurable diseases? Can it regenerate amputated limbs? Or will it merely bring the benefit of mild relaxation and not much else?

With both Western and alternative medicine approaches, there’s the occasional “miracle” when an individual escapes a terminal diagnosis. But those cases are usually regarded as miraculous because they’re rare. I regret to inform that at last review, the anticipated ratio of humans born to those who will eventually pass from this earth continues to be 1/1 regardless of the advances in healthcare or how phenomenal your doctor or healer might be.

On a more positive note, an energy healing session should offer more than just the benefits you could get from a nap. Many of my clients seek energy work to reduce pain, improve sleep, and alleviate emotional trauma, as well as increase the emotional and physical freedom to lead fuller lives. But an effect often seen in addition to these benefits is the restoration of spirit and personal energy.

The toll of illness, chronic pain, trauma, and even persistent stress goes beyond the symptoms of the dis-ease and usually results in the erosion of a person’s sense of self. Here are some client comments addressing how healing work has helped them in regaining that vital core essence.

“Since our session, the pain in my shoulder has diminished, and I have felt like myself for the first time in ages.”

“I’d rather be healed and not cured than cured and not healed. My spirit is whole, and it’s just feeling more and more stabilized in that state as I go on.”

“It’s a HUGE difference that when I engage in an activity, I’m engaging fully with it and not just having to settle for going along for the ride. Not having all this weigh on my spirit? That is a gift that is priceless beyond measure.”

Energy work helps clear and charge a client’s physical and emotional systems, facilitates the body’s ability to heal itself, promotes relaxation, and usually results in a client feeling better. Healing is about restoring wholeness. If there’s a cure, that’s a bonus.

What beliefs and expectations do the words healer and healing bring up for you?

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