Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

EFT Universe LogoEmotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), sometimes referred to as “psychological acupuncture” or “tapping”, entails lightly tapping with fingertips on acupuncture meridian points on the face and upper torso while focusing on emotional or physical discomfort. It works by releasing blocks within the same energy system employed by Chinese medicine, and it accesses the amygdala, the part of the brain that processes the fear response. It can help transform emotional distress, difficult memories, and physical pain, improving overall quality of life.

EFT’s efficacy and positive impact have been demonstrated in over 100 clinical studies, and it was recently approved as an accepted form of therapy by the Veterans Administration.

Certification through EFT Universe included the following requirements:

  • Attending a minimum of three two-day training workshops.
  • EFT mentor supervision in performing and documenting 50 client sessions/case studies, demonstrating understanding of EFT principles and applied use, competence and compassion in working with clients, and understanding and application of ethics and client safety
  • 15 hours of EFT personal processing work as client
  • Reading and understanding three EFT manuals and other assigned EFT-related books and manuals
  • Reading and understanding two ethics textbooks
  • Passing a comprehensive EFT principles and skills exam
  • Passing a comprehensive ethics exam