Brennan Healing Science

Dr. Barbara Brennan, founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH), is a world-renowned healer, teacher and former NASA physicist, and the best-selling author of Hands of Light®, Light Emerging and the Seeds of the Spirit® book series. She devoted 35 years to research and exploration of the Human Energy Field and is currently retired.

The BBSH Professional Studies Diploma Program includes a profound and rigorous 4-year curriculum that requires students to be in Florida for on-campus study for one week five times a year and continuing with home study and assignments between classes.

In addition to comprehensive instruction in hands-on healing techniques, the curriculum includes training in body psychotherapy, psychological process, deep self-introspection, High Sense Perception, the integration of the creative arts with the healing spirit, development of professional presence, and the integration of different healing modalities. Meditation, expanded states of consciousness, and personalized spiritual practices, in which all religious persuasions are welcome, complete the full spectrum of the healing curriculum.

Students are also supported in developing a strong sense of personal responsibility—with client safety, ethics, confidentiality, scope of practice, appropriate medical/mental health referrals, and many other aspects of creating a holistic and integrity-based healing practice as part of the curriculum. Passing a comprehensive exam at the end of each year is required before advancing to the next academic level.

Each year’s curriculum is divided into these areas of growth:

Healing Science (HS)

Learning the principles, skills and techniques of Brennan Healing Science; developing High Sense Perception; and learning to create health on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Psych-Spiritual Development (PD)

A uniquely personal journey of self-awareness and transformation—the student goes deep within, developing a new relationship to self, others, life task and his/her divine center.

Integrative Care (IC)

Deepening the understanding and ability to integrate learning of energy consciousness and Brennan Healing Science with the understanding of the physical body, the dis-ease process, and healing through an integrative approach.

Professional Practice (PP)

Making the transition from student to professional healer integrating alternative and traditional care.


Professional Studies Year 1

Year 1 focuses on levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Human Energy Field. The spiritual purpose of Year 1 is to transform the relationship with the Self, and in doing so create a foundation for the next three years’ work. This transformation is essential to becoming a professional healer. One cannot truly connect, know, or honor another until one connects, knows, and honors the Self.

Professional Studies Year 2

Year 2 deepens the experience of the previous year by holding the spiritual purpose of the 4th level of the Human Energy Field, the relationship to others. Ancient and modern maps of healthy relationships and transformation are explored to help guide each student, which also deepens self-awareness. The student is changing his/her relationships to other humans, nonhumans, and nonphysical beings. The work is extensive since it encompasses more lifetimes than this present one. The student’s relationship to his/her self expands through many lifetimes. There is a new relationship to this planet, this universe, and additional dimensions or realms.

A great deal of personal work is taken on by each student as he or she grapples with blocks to personal expression. Insight, self-responsibility, and compassion grow, along with hands-on experience of the 4th level. One cannot heal another at the level of relationship unless one is actively engaged in healing his/her own personal relationships.

Professional Studies Year 3

Year 3 focuses on the hara line, which is the line of intention and the embrace of surrender. The hara line is a major energetic support for the shift in the student’s commitment to his/her healership. The spiritual purpose of this year is to deepen each student’s awareness and experience to the Divine by studying the spiritual levels of the Human Energy Field—the 5th, 6th, and 7th—thereby setting the stage for the student’s change in relationship to the spiritual world—Divine Will, Divine Love, and Divine Mind.

It is a profound year, rich in exploration, which brings the student’s understanding of self and the Divine into greater and greater communion.

Professional Studies 4

Year 4 focuses on the hara and the core star levels. All the training of the previous years culminates in this year’s spiritual purpose, which is to assist in the emergence and expression of the unique essence of each healer. The skills which are mastered require strength, centering, great love, and stamina. It is here that the student finds autonomy through focusing on their intentionality, being in their essence, and allowing that essence to more fully express itself in the world.

Each student learns to integrate the work more fully into their daily lives, giving rise to a new relationship to one’s life task and core essence. A longitudinal case study, presented as a paper and orally, is the hallmark of Year 4. In addition to “case” and ongoing Year 4 study, each Year 4 student finishes the year with a senior project based on service, research, or personal journey.