My Election and New Year’s Manifesto!

Presidental Proclamation

On November 9, 2016 our emotions as a nation were pretty much bipolar—either deep despair or giddy jubilation over election results. As I experienced my own distress, I realized how disempowering either extreme was. Since when has a political figure been at the controls of my life? Am I willing to give anyone who’s not me—particularly someone I’ve never met—that power of believing s/he can either ruin my world or “make it great again”? With that in mind, I hereby proclaim that: Read more

Three Magic Words to enhance your relationship (psssst! It’s NOT “I love you”)

Almost from the beginning of our relationship,  my husband Scott and I fell in love with each other’s twisted sense of humor, as well as how we both enjoy creative word usage. We began joking about “If polled on what are the three dearest words to the human heart, most English speakers would reply that of course it’s ‘I love you.’ But we contend that the three most treasured, valued, heart-warming words one can hear are Read more

Coffee Shop? Or Temple?

Image5What is sacred space? A cathedral? Your favorite meditation spot? Where George Washington slept?  I started pondering this when I read the observation of a character in Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard Book, “There are those…who believe that all land is sacred. That it is sacred before we come to it, and sacred after.”

Wow, what a concept—the possibility that all space is sacred space. It makes me view every place I go differently. Most recently, it has awakened me to the fact that a local café touting itself as a coffee shop is actually a thinly disguised temple.

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Liz Zelandais healing a client Liz Zelandais healing a client for Applied Life Techniques

Healed vs. Cured

Energy healing and touch therapy are gaining credence in scientific studies and Western medicine, with more than 60 U.S. hospitals offering Reiki as part of patient services and 800 offering Reiki education. Yet what comes to mind for some at the suggestion of energy healing are the questionable results of a wild-eyed evangelist laying on hands and braying, “Be healed!”. Read more